Reception Counter Protection Shield - Clear Acylic

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The best way to provide protection in receptions during the worldwide impact of COVID-19 with this clear perspex screen!

  • Laser cut for a super smooth edge
  • Handy transaction gap for payment only (50mm high)
  • Self standing
  • Assemble in 30 seconds!
  • Made from 6mm or 10mm clear acrylic/ perspex (depends on availability)
  • 800mm high x CHOOSE WIDTH OPTION 
  • Transaction space width depends on the model width
    • 600 wide model has a transaction width of 300mm
    • 1000 wide model has a transaction width of 500mm
    • 1200 wide model has a transaction width of 800mm

Your new protection shield will be delivered with the film on in order to protect the surface, simply peel if off in 20 seconds upon receipt!

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